HW2001, HW3001 Error

An error occurred as shown in the figure below.

Question-1) HW2001 & HW3001 - What could be causing this error?
Question-2) What is http:/localhost:58987 in the picture below? *
The host address I specify and use is http:/localhost:70/ .
How can I resolve this error?

HW2001 : The request used insecure HTTP. This will compromise security and trigger browser security warnings.
HW3001 : The request retruned a HTTP status code failure or caused an interanl brower error. Failing requests may prevent a web page functioning correctly and cause performance problems.

The HW2001 warning is caused by the attempt to use an insecure HTTP request (rather than the preferred secure HTTPS) to access a google font. This may occur if there is an old hard coded reference to the font in the page’s HTML or JavaScript. You could check this in the Pro version by searching for ‘fonts.googleapis.com

The HW3001 warning occurred because the request failed with ERROR_INTERNET_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED. Usually this happens if the DNS lookup for the hostname (i.e. fonts.googleapis.com) fails. The hostname is valid and available in public DNS servers so this may have been caused by the local network having its own custom DNS server or there is some kind of security software installed that is blocking HTTP requests.

Finally, the POST request to http://localhost:58987 looks like some kind of debugging code has been left in the web page. With the Profession Edition of HttpWatch you could look at the response to this request and search for the HTML/JavaScript code that triggered it.

If you would like more detail and are happy to share the HWL file please send a copy to support@neumetrix.com . We can provide more feedback and convert it into the Pro format so that you can see all the data yourself.

I don’t use fonts.googleapis.com in my ASP.NET programs. Because my ASP.NET program uses the internal network.Therefore, external networks such as Google cannot be accessed. I use a web page programmed in ASP.NET on a local network. If so, how to solve the HW2001 error?

I have sent the HWL file in question to my email address support@neumetrix.comnow. Please check your mail.